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picture of  Fishing At Hemlington Lake

Fishing At Hemlington Lake

Enjoy 30 fishing platforms and a variety of fish every day from dawn until dusk.

  • Cass House Road Hemlington TS8 9QW


  • Welcome
    • Good for families
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    • Childrens play area
  • Access
    • Wheelchair friendly


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Hemlington Lake covers an area of 9 acres.

There are 30 fishing platforms, many of which are suitable for disabled access.

The lake varies from 1ft to 7ft with deepest water at the dam end.

Fishing licences

Required to fish the lake and are available from local post office at the Viewley Centre, which is directly adjacent to the lake. For more information and prices on fishing licences please go to the Environment Agencies site

Ticket Prices

There is also a daily angling ticket fee as well as a season ticket - 2012/2013 prices below:-

Adult Angling Day Ticket - £2.90 Adult Season Ticket - £65.00

Junior Angling Day Ticket - £1.65 Junior Season Ticket - £32.00 (Aged under 16)

Tickets can be obtained from the Centre building on Cass House Road.

Fish Details

Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench , Bream, Gudgeon, Eels


Maggots, sweetcorn, worm, pellets, boilies, cheese, luncheon meat

Fishing Rules for Hemlington Lake

As Hemlington Lake is a public lake for all to enjoy we do ask our anglers to abide by a few house rules, this helps keep the environment clean and safe for all to enjoy.

1. No fish to be removed from the lake and all caught to be returned unharmed

2. Barbless or microbark hooks only

2. No keepnets to be used

3. Fishing sunrise to sunset - NO NIGHT FISHING

4. No fishing on the banks whatsoever, only on the platforms

5. All litter must be taken home or put in bins around the lake

6. No fishing allowed in the back pond (near metal bridge)

7. Only two rods per ticket and rods must not be left unattended

8. No camping, fires or swimming

9. Please do not discard used fishing line around the platforms or lake

Further information

For more information or any queries then please contact the Centre on 01642 596546.