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picture of  Holgate Wall Of Ayresome Park

Holgate Wall Of Ayresome Park

Last remaining piece of Ayresome Park - Boro's home for almost 100 years.

  • Historic Ayresome Park Linthorpe TS5 6BX


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The Holgate Wall originally formed the perimeter of the Holgate Poor Law Institution which was a Victorian workhouse. It would have kept the former inmates inside the institution where they were forced to work out their days in hard labour. Breaking rocks for the crime of falling on hard times.

It eventually acted as an enclosure wall behind the Middlesbrough fans’ Holgate End and is the only remaining part of the Ayresome Park ground.

In 1966 when the venue was used for the World Cup the wall was hastily raised in height to keep people from leaping over to watch games for free.

Therefore far more than a pile of bricks the Holgate Wall has had an important role in the heritage and social history of Middlesbrough town and football club.

The height of the wall has been reduced during repair works due to the foundations not being sufficient to support the wall’s previous height. But now it will stand proud and be able to withstand the rigours of winter as a permanent reminder of Middlesbrough’s sporting history and a monument to some of the darker times of our social history.