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Meze Lounge

Authentic and exciting Turkish food on Linthorpe Road


  • Location
    • Town centre

Food Hygiene Rating

Inspected: 12-Mar-2018
  • The Food Hygiene Rating shown reflects the standards found on the date of inspection or visit by the Local Authority
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Meze Lounge Middlesbrough serves fine authentic Turkish Cuisine offering a menu of traditional dishes.

Mezes are a delightful feature of Middle Eastern food meant to whet your appetite. The word is found in all the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire and comes from the Turkish meze meaning taste, flavour, snack, relish.

At Meze Lounge you will find a rich tapestry of tastes and atmosphere all perfected in the kitchens of the Sultans' palaces from the Ottoman era. 

Turkish food demands a Mediterranean life style, relaxed and laid back atmosphere. In our restaurant we try to re-create an authentic Turkish way of eating. This may mean a little extra time between courses. Please sit back, enjoy your Efes and relax while we prepare freshly cooked dishes to satisfy your appetite.

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