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Jul 22

Pressgang! with the Historical Maritime Society


Would you like to sail with Captain Cook? It wasn't all plain sailing!

picture of  Middlesbrough Dock Clock Tower

Middlesbrough Dock Clock Tower

Water tower and clock tower

  • Middlesbrough Dock Street Middlehaven TS2 1PR


  • Location
    • Near to Riverside Stadium


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An original clock tower was built by architect John Middleton in 1847. It was a landmark for approaching ships and just beneath the clockfaces there was a little balcony for a look-out.

Although the tower had four sides, there were only three clockfaces. The clock was paid for by public subscription. Either an ironworks or a shipyard refused to contribute because it didn't want its workers clockwatching.

During a rebuild of Middlesbrough's dock either around 1870 or as late as 1903 this replacement was built. The tower doubled as a clocktower and a watertower to provide the hydraulic power to operate the dock gates and cranes. This dual use led to its shape: a bulky bottom to house the water, and a slender top for the clock.

The tower was restored in 2005 as part of the Middlehaven development.